Experience the Difference

Our People Make the Difference

We are not like other companies – and we know it. We are a collection of talented and focused teammates driven by a collective goal: findng a way or making one.

In the quest for the best patient care, we know what our clients and providers need and expect from us. Working with Rhino means having an ally unlike any other. We will stubbornly fight for you, bring effective solutions to the table, and adapt to your changing needs.

So…why a Rhino?

Persistence. Patience. Power. One of the most important elements of Rhino Medical is our attitude.

When we’ve committed to something, there’s no turning back. We believe all words, thoughts, and actions that interfere with our capability to be the solution to this country’s healthcare shortage should and can be eliminated. With this belief comes authentic enthusiasm. People hear it in our voice and see it in our actions. It is a contagion that further envelops everyone in our path.

Rhino Medical did not become one of the top locum tenens companies by working half-heartedly. We know that in order to do our jobs well, we must completely rid ourselves of disbelief, discouragement, and negativity. Our enthusiasm, determination, and unwavering effort is contagious. Both clients and providers can rest confidently with us in their corner.

  1. Be Distinctive
    We separate ourselves from the competition by being who we are. The Rhino Medical team aims to be distinctive in establishing a personal connection with our clients and providers. You can expect genuine interest in your day, who you are, and what you need. We are in the business of building relationships and we want that to be clear from the get-go. What interests you, interests us. It’s as simple as that.
  2. The 80/20 Mindset
    In previous experiences with locum tenens companies, it’s possible you’ve felt ignored. At Rhino, we understand the importance of listening. We work with our clients and providers by listening 80% of the time and speaking 20% of the time. Not only does this guarantee that you are heard and understood, but you can also trust that our words carry weight. When we converse, our words are carefully chosen to provide solutions, answer questions, and build relationships.

A Servitude Attitude

You can spot a self-serving team from miles away. They tear each other down in an attempt to reach the top, but hurt themselves and the goals set for them in the process. The Rhino Medical team is built different. We serve our clients, providers, and teammates with a positive attitude and a true desire to make a lasting impact. We put your needs first and allow you to do what you do best. After all, your job is to provide quality patient care, not worry about logistics and credentialing! Looking to make a change? Give the team at Rhino Medical a call!